At Coveted Mask we have always prided ourselves for being a mail and online order company. We like to ensure that our customers are properly fitted and that they are purchasing the proper equipment for their style of play. This is why we use a Pre-Order system. It allows for us to ensure your order is correct, you are getting the best value for shipping and that we have an opportunity to connect with our customers. Prices in the cart do not include shipping to allow for us to offer the best shipping price from multiple shipping providers.

  • NO Duty or Brokerage fees for all orders shipped to the U.S.A
  • Shipping Companies we use: UPS, FEDEX, United States Postal Service, Canada Post and more


  • All Returns must be authorized by a Coveted Mask Representative VIA Phone.
  • Any Unauthorized Returns will be refused at delivery and returned to the sender.
  • All items being returned must be accompanied by the original invoice and credit card slip.
  • All items must be received by Coveted Mask within 15 days of purchase.
  • Any equipment soiled, marked or worn on the ice for any length of time is not returnable.
  • All shipping and handling charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Any and All Refunds are subject to a 10% restocking charge.
  • There are NO returns on Custom Equipment.
  • There are NO returns on Clearance Equipment
  • There are NO Warranties on Custom Paint Jobs.


    With our new Website our Prices will be based of the current daily exchange rate. If there is a discrepancy with a price on www.CovetedMask.com and the physical store. This discrepancy will be addressed by the Coveted Mask Sales Representative at the store and their decision will be final.


  • All member media that a member is able to enter into the Coveted Mask Website, including (Video, Images, Testimonials) must be related to hockey goaltending.
  • All images, video and text must be “G” rated and deemed inoffensive by the staff of Coveted Mask Inc.
  • All media that is linked or uploaded to the www.CovetedMask.com website must not violate any other person’s or companies copyright or intellectual property.
  • Coveted Mask Inc. does not guarantee the availability of any media that is entered or uploaded to www.CovetedMask.com.
  • Coveted Mask Inc. reserves the right to delete any media from its server that we feel does not follow our policy
  • Coveted Mask Inc. reserves the right to delete your member profile from the server and ban you from using our services. If you are in violation of our policies.


    Coveted Mask Inc. realizes the importance of your personal information. We understand and care how your information handled.
    At Coveted Mask Inc. we appreciate the trust that you put in our business when shopping with us. We are committed to using your information responsibly
    and will respect you privacy. When visiting our site www.CovetedMask.com you are accepting our Privacy Policy as well as all other
    Policies and Disclaimers described.

  • Any Information that is collected will be used for internal business purposes only.
  • Any information that is collected will not be sold, rented or shared with other people or third party companies, unless we have your permission.
  • Our Privacy Policy is subject to updates. The information that we collect is subject to the Privacy Policy at time of use. Please check the Privacy Policy frequently and if you have any concerns please contact us.
  • Any personal customer information that is collected like name, e-mail, phone, address, credit card is used exclusively for the purpose of contacting our customers for their order, sending promotional information and statistical information.


    Coveted Mask Inc. takes great pride in the information that it offers on the its website. We are committed to ensuring that our data (Product Information, Website Information and Pricing) is accurate. There may be times where you will discover that a price, website information or information about a product may be incorrect. If you find information to be incorrect anywhere on this website, we ask that you please contact us and we will correct the information as soon as possible. If there is a dispute in price of a product on the website, then a Coveted Mask Specialist (Sales Representative) at a Coveted Mask Store 1-877-863-6275 will provide the proper price.