Ron Stefaniuk

Man Behind The Mask

"I want to personally thank you for your interest in what we do here at Coveted Mask.
I've been expressing my passion as a professional mask designer, painter and builder for over 15 years now. Specialized in all aspects of goalie mask construction, I've designed our mask line to include a variety of styles and size ranges and have chosen only top grade materials to go into their construction. We want to build the best mask with the ultimate in fit, performance and durability. 
We are excited the Coveted Mask line now features five exclusively designed PRO models and two CSA/HECC certified masks." 

Thank you.

Ron Stefaniuk

Mask Designer & Founder


Our Craft

From concept and design, to mould making, fiberglass, trim prep, paint and assembly... we build your mask entirely in house using only the top-grade, Canadian-made materials, at our Mississauga, Ontario location.

THE team




Vice President


Executive Assistant


Our expertise and experience have collectively resulted in 6 professional and 2 CSA/HECC certified lines: the A5 and the 906 Pro, purposely designed to deliver the ultimate in fit, protection and performance.

Inhouse design

We are extremely proud to be able to say that we build our exclusive designs in our own state of the art facility. From start to finish - concept and mold making to fiberglass and trim, prep paint and assembly, it's all done here in house. We are goalie mask specialists.